The Biggest Natural Bodybuilder You Didn’t Know About

biggest natural body builder

The biggest natural body builder is an example of what the human body can accomplish without taking steroid substance, instead they choose to earn all of it naturally achieved through strict diet and exercise. While it is possible to look like these guys naturally with years of hard work, training and diet; it will be a long process because they have a world-class gene.

Even though they have gained a wonderful physique without the use of drugs, that does not mean that you and I can look like them, all of these people have great genetic potential that, through years of hard training and diet, they have maximized to their full potential.

The biggest natural body builder

So, how big can a natural body builder be? in this article we will be giving credit where credit is really due. So, we have the top ten of the world’s biggest natural bodybuilders that use nothing in their work other than protein powder and a lot of dedication, and a little learning about what inspired each of them to become the stars they are today.

  1. Donte Franklin

biggest natural body builder

Height: 6ft

Weight: 215lbs

We will start our list with one of the most well known of our biggest natural bodybuilders and that is Donte Franklin what some would like to call a “genetic freak”, with his DNA being 1 in a million. If he had taken steroids and gotten shredded to the bones, he would have been a very tough contestant in the Olympia competion. He has the best natural arms I’ve ever seen, ripped pecs with a very ripped midsection.

There is no dispute that Donte is natural, because anyone who competes with the INBA and NANBF, which are legit federations for natural bodybuilders. They do a lot of tests at random times throughout the year to find any potential steroid users which include blood test, urine test, lie detectors and more.

If you are on any drug substance you will fail at least one of these tests along the line. You will not have to compete with these organizations if you are using steroids, as their randomized testing is close to 100% accurate.

At the age of 18, Donte was pretty much the same size as he is today, proving that he was born to be HUGE.

  1. Simeon Panda

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 230lbs

Simeon Panda combines huge size with aesthetics, which has led to one of the best bodybuilding physique in the world.

At 16 Simeon already has huge mass and was yet to complete his teenage years. At 20 years he was very big. After that he did not grow much after this, but in time he learned how to eat and get shredded. As a result, he received several sponsorship deals (including MyProtein).

I have analysed pictures of Simeon from the age of 16 to the present day. He made all his muscle gains in a natural way; there was no point he grew bigger overnight, his gains have steady growth and he has not grown much since puberty, giving greater credibility to the fact that he is a natural body builder.

Simeon has passed a lie detector test and strongly denies ever taking steroids (on YouTube).

… And it would be impossible to achieve such a tiny waist while being on steroids. He even makes Arnold look swollen.

  1. Sadik Hadzovic

Born in Yugoslavia, Sadik Hadzovic identifies his mother as a great inspiration, claiming that she was the source of the grit that led him to train in his room before he could go to the gym.

Sadik hadzovic family flee from their country Bosnia and Herzegovina due to war and moved to the united states. Then, he later found a path in bodybuilding competitions in 2011.

Sadik a former model is an example of all-natural body builder in the whole bodybuilding environment. Sadik is a huge dude who stands at 5’11 and over 220 lbs. He regularly competes in Mr. Olympia’s competition to show off his well sculpted body as it should.

Some observers have repeatedly stated that Sadik has not been honest about his physique. However, all the evidence points to the opposite. His size has not changed much since he went from modelling to bodybuilding and does not show any typical side effects of steroid use. That being said, haters always hate.

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  1. Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston is a successful entrepreneur and a personal trainer. Mike started training before he even started high school. By the age of 10, he already had a massive muscle mass for his age.

  1. Anton Antipov

biggest natural body builder

photo source

Height: 5 ft 11

Weight: 190lbs

Anton Antipov is a model and a bodybuilder, who competed in the NPC and IFBB categories and has won some of these competitions. He’s determined to prove he’s natural on social media platform and has no problem dealing with trolls that suggest otherwise.

In 2004 Anton began lifting weights and eating more.… And the rest is history.

He used to look like a good skinny guy, now he’s turned into an alpha man with muscles everywhere. However, even in his skinny days, when he was not even eating, he still had a ripped midsection and lean muscles.

Anton’s genes when it comes to bodybuilding are very strong. He hasn’t got much bigger since he started pumping iron and stopped drinking in 2007. Amazing natural body builder.

  1. Connor Murphy

This Texas bodybuilder has made a name for himself as a YouTuber by using his physique for social experiments and various pranks. His videos easily get millions of views just after uploading, and he also boasts of hundreds of thousands of fans on many social media platforms. Connor was bullied as a child, and went to great efforts to come out of his shell.

Connor Murphy relies on strict diet and classic exercises such as squats and presses.

  1. Chris Jones

Height: 5 ft 7

Weight: 180lbs

Chris Jones has a bodybuilding YouTube channel known as physique of greatness. Many of his videos have received millions of views online. He has always stood out that he is a human being and it is not so hard to believe when he is black (they have a high testosterone level) and weighs only 180lbs.

However, he is in good health and his timeline of success is very much in favour of a natural body builder. After his newbie gain period, he did some dirty tricks that helped him gain another 17lbs of weight. He’s not exactly crumpled up, but if he lost a few percent of his body weight, he would look very crazy.

Chris Jones is a good example of the kind of weight you can build when good genes are combined with an aggressive bulking and copious amounts of food.

  1. Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid got off to a good start in his fitness career by taking his first steps during the month before graduating from high school. However, he has said to himself that he sees his entry into the sport at the age of just five as the true roots of his passion for fitness. Growing up in the state of Washington with his parents and two sisters, Jeff began lifting weights at the age of 11.

Despite many ACL injuries that he feared would jeopardize his athletic abilities, Jeff continued to be the youngest IFBB pro in America.

  1. Ron Williams

Ron Williams is the most decorated natural body builder in history.  Ron Williams is no longer competiting presently but he has won a lot of bodybuilding competitions which includes Mr. Natural World, Mr. Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural Universe. Here is a list of his titles:

  • Seven times Mr. Natural Olympia
  • Seven times Mr. Natural Universe
  • 7 times Natural world
  • 2008 hall of fame inductee

Ron started bodybuilding at the age of 18 when his boxing coach suggested he start lifting weights. About that time, he joined the military, where he competed in international sports. Once he set out to build a body, his genetic potential began to show.

Ron had been dedicated to a drug-free lifestyle from the beginning. In fact, he considers natural to not even take creatine! He has developed many successful careers since retiring from bodybuilding competitions. He is one of the leading health and fitness trainers in the United States, specializing in bodybuilding, diet and nutrition, and fat loss.

Ron is also a motivational and inspirational speaker, also serving as a pastor of a non-denominational congregation in Salt Lake City, Utah. As if all of that is not enough, he is also an inventor, he is the creator of the Iron Chest Master home gym.

  1. Jamie Alderton

Height: 6ft

Weight: 190lbs

Jamie Alderton is a natural English body builder and as a result he received several sponsorship deals (including Grenade).

At the age of 13, Jamie was already muscular for his age.

…Even Hercules would be ‘mirin those genetics.

Jamie competes in WBFF, Musclemania and BNBF which are one of the main bodybuilding federations both which are natural bodybuilding federations. They do a lot of different tests at random, so if you take steroids at any time throughout the year, you will be caught.

Jamie also has no signs of steroid use when looking at his body; he has nice thick hair, small traps, ripped midsection and no flushed skin and no gyno. 100% natural.