Hello my name is John Michael. I am a fitness coach and co-founder of mykegenfit.com. I frequently get asked what motivated me to start working out? So here it is.

Growing up, i was a very lean kid and i also loved taking part in so many sports. But there was a little problem. I realized team players who were big and huge were given more respect compared to those of us who were not so big. I wanted to earn such respect without having to demand for it (lol) and so i decided i had to get big since i was already tall enough.

In a bid to avoid the wrong eating habit, i did my research on how I could gain healthy weight and that was how my body building journey began. Along the line i also got to realize that working out would improve my performance in my favorite sports (Basketball, Football & Baseball) and life in general. I still play these games as often as possible but none of them can be compared to my passion in Body Building.


MykeGen Fit is an avenue for me to help you reach your goals of creating your dream body, whether loosing or gaining weight. I offer you free articles to help educate and guide your path to achieving those goals.


Just like you, I strive to be perfect and my greatest goal is to be the best and healthiest I can be. I know what it is like to loose motivation and fall off track which is why i provide tips, guidelines and structured workout plans in a simplified way so you can actually stick to it for both training and nutrition.

With my articles and guide, you will be challenged Physically, Mentally and Socially because I provide constant support, education and accountability that is needed to see results that last.

Feel free to go through my blog and contact me if you need further information. Also don’t forget to subscribe so you can get these life changing articles directly in your mail box.