Who has the best forearms in bodybuilding history?

best forearms in bodybuilding

Best forearms in bodybuilding and the biggest forearms in the world?

The forearm along with the neck is the most visible major muscle group. It says a lot about your physique whether you are big or not. Its such an iconic muscle. And that’s why we are here to know who has best forearms in bodybuilding and the biggest forearms in the world.

Some research has been done, in this article we get to know all this. Let’s break it down.

Who has the biggest forearms in the world?

So, who really owns the world’s biggest forearms? Although there were claims made that jeff dabe had the biggest forearms in the world measuring up to 19 inches. However, Gunnar Rosbo, a former Norwegian bodybuilder, claimed to have a 20.5-inch forearm.

Either way, both measurements are impressive. Since Jeff Dabble also has big hands (people with bigger joints tend to have bigger muscles), I’d be more likely to trust his measurements. Also, this is a far more recent statistic.

Gunnar Rosbo claimed to have a 20.5-inch forearm. But we don’t know whether his measurements were verified with tape. Now that’s nothing to do with Gunnar Rosbo. For me I think the measurements are correct. Why? His powerlifting team is notoriously against chemical aids in natural competitions.

Still, if he did have a legitimate 20.5-inch forearm, he really was a special breed of bodybuilder.

Who has the biggest forearm in bodybuilding?

Here, I am talking about the pure size. Let’s get into that right away.

  • Lee priest

You can’t talk about arms (or about bodybuilding) without mentioning Lee Priest. His upper arms were worth seeing, but did you know that his forearms were 18 inches at peak? And the fact that he was not a tall bodybuilder made it more impressive because shorter people have more bone mass.

Yes, 18-inch forearms is not a easy one to get, lee priest definitely deserves to be on this list of the best forearms in the history of bodybuilding.

  • Frank Mcgrath

There is no doubt that Frank McGrath has the most vascular forearms in the history of bodybuilding. His forearms also pack a real punch in the size department at a whopping size of 18.5 inches.

The fact that he also verified this measurement in an Instagram photo gives him legitimacy to be on this list. Although, his forearms were not the biggest in the world but sure they did stand out and are among the best forearms in the history of bodybuilding.

Who has the best forearm in bodybuilding?

From my research of the top bodybuilders both in the past and present, these guys have the best forearms in the history of bodybuilding. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I think a lot of people would agree with the contenders on this list.

  • Sergio Olivia

While he didn’t have the outright biggest forearms in bodybuilding, Sergio Olivia set the standard for forearms in his day. Instead of leaving them as an afterthought, he drew the audience’s attention to what must be one of the most important muscles on a pro bodybuilder’s physique.

You can’t hide small forearms on stage. Sergio Olivia knew this, and he benefited greatly from it.

  • Roelly Winklaar

2nd on our list of the best forearms in bodybuilding is Roelly winklaar. The flexors of his forearm are virtually unmatched.

You really have to look at his posing routine to see what I mean, but his biceps and triceps flow so gracefully into his forearms that it’s hard to find anything that the judges could possibly criticize.

He practically has Popeyes forearms!

  • Frank McGrath (again)

Yes, Frank McGrath again because he is not just the best in the history of bodybuilding but they are one of the biggest.

Frank Mcgrath is really an icon when it comes to the biggest and best forearms in the history of bodybuilding. It was said that he even trained his forearms daily.

I’ve been telling people this for years, if you want to grow your forearms, you need to train them over and over again.

As Frank McGrath will tell you, if hypertrophy is your goal, forearms should be exercised frequently, even at or close to every day. Why else do you think manual workers often have better forearms than some bodybuilders?

This is because they are literally training their forearms every day. You may never be able to get a frank-shaped forearm, but if you do some forearm occlusion training, you’ll see a quick improvement in vascularity.

How to get big Forearms: 5 Muscle Boosting Tips

Let us get started on enlarging your forearms in a month.

  • Eat more protein

Hundreds of research studies are available online that show how increasing consumption of protein combined with strength training can result in rapid gains in muscle mass and strength.

  • Train your forearm muscles often

Hundreds of research studies are available online that show how increasing consumption of protein combined with strength training can result in rapid gains in muscle mass and strength.

  • Change your curl grip

You are primarily working your biceps when you hold a dumbbell or barbell with your palms up (supinated grip). If you want to bulk up your upper arms, this is a great option.

The workout will target your forearm muscles while your biceps take a break if you turn your palms down (called a prone grip).

Dumbbell hammer curls are also an option and are great too when it comes to getting bigger forearms as they emphasize strengthening the forearm muscles than the regular supinated curls.

  • Constant tension

Your forearm muscles will broaden and grow in size if you do half reps where your forearms are under constant tension rather than full reps where your forearms get a little rest every other second.

A few exercises, such as reverse curls or pull-ups, can help you achieve this.

  • Add new forearm exercises to your workout routine

You cannot expect to grow your forearm muscle by repeating the same routine over and over. You should mix things up with exercises that target that muscle group more.


  • Is it true that forearms naturally grow over time?

It is debatable. Your forearms have a chance to grow naturally if you are a young adolescent. If you are over the age of 20, however, you will be stuck with what you have got until you start doing something else.

  • Will doing push-ups increase the size of my forearms?

They could not possibly harm you. The push-up is a fantastic compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups at the same time. While they may not be ideal for building large forearms, you can use some variations of push-ups to shift your attention to the forearm muscles.

knuckle push-ups are more better than the conventional push-ups for increasing wrist strength and focusing more on the forearms.

  • How can I enlarge my wrists?

Your wrists are primarily made up of bones and tendons. But consider it this way: If your wrists are small, packing on the muscles will make your forearms appear larger.

  • What role do wrist curls play in developing forearms?

It is crucial. They are one of the best exercises for building forearm strength and shape. There are probably a dozen different wrist curl variations (with dumbbells, barbells, cables, and so on) to help you work them harder.

Summary of the world’s biggest forearms

Although Jeff Dabe has the biggest forearm but in terms of muscle mass, does he actually have the biggest forearms in the world?

I say maybe. You see, Frank McGrath’s forearms are half an inch shorter. However, his forearms are ridiculously shredded, so clearly, he has more lean mass than Jeff Dabe.

If it is about muscle definition then frank McGrath definitely has the most muscular forearms.