Why Do Bodybuilders Have Chisel-Shaped Faces? (Here’s Why)

Why Do Bodybuilders Have Chisel-Shaped Faces

Bodybuilding is an umbrella term that literally means building the muscles of your body and as weird as it sounds, there are about 57 muscles between your neck and head area and these muscles are no exception to bodybuilding. Therefore, you must have noticed the prevalent chisel-shaped face among bodybuilders. Come to think of it, “Why do bodybuilders have chisel-shaped faces? ” It’s almost like a trend among bodybuilders.

Whilst providing an in-depth answer to this question, we’ll also review how you too can achieve this chisel-shaped face with simple exercises. Enjoy!

Why Do Bodybuilders Have Chisel-Shaped Faces?

Bodybuilders have chisel-shaped faces because they have a relatively low percentage of body fat. The majority of bodybuilders who are at their peak have reduced their body fat to a low percentage, which highlights their jawline.

A particularly manly appearance is created by having a square or chisel-shaped jaw in conjunction with a massive masseter muscle.

Why You Need To Build Your Jawline To Be Chisel Shaped

The first thing people notice on seeing you is your face. Your personality, temperaments and nature come second. And your face as a guy tells so much about you.

It reveals your discipline, your diet and neatness. Chisel-shaped faces reveal your masculinity as a man and that’s what most ladies want because they’re captivating.

Take this scenario as an example: a woman meets two men, one of whom has a chiseled jawline and the other has a chubby face.

Who do you think the woman would feel more comfortable talking to? The one with the squared-off jawline? I do not think so. Because a man with a round face may have an endearing appearance, but he may not be appealing.

If you ask a woman, she will naturally lean more toward the second option. This may be because guys who have strong jawlines give off an impression of being more powerful.

It creates the impression that he is self-disciplined, hard-working, and maintains a healthy diet and exercise routine. They give off an air of maturity and seem like the kind of people you can not fool around with. The sculpted jawline does look terrific, that is for sure.

Facial Exercises For a Chisel-Shaped Face

Regular facial exercises can boost the facial muscles. Although it cannot change genetics, however, by exercising your facial muscles, you tone those muscles to that desired chisel shape. Here are some facial exercises to chisel out your jawline:

Collar Bone Backup

The muscles that are located beneath your chin will be activated and exercised regardless of whether you are seated, standing, or lying down as you perform the collar bone backup.

  • To begin, complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions and then hold each position for a full minute.
  • Hold the position for a longer period of time when it becomes easier, and always work on maintaining a regular rate of retaining the position.
  • While maintaining a level head with the ground, slowly move your head backwards until you feel muscles on either side of your throat contracting. Then, bring your head back to its starting position, relax, and repeat the process.
  • Make sure that your ears are above your shoulders and that the level of your head does not change.

Vowel Sounds (Fish Face)

This exercise including the vowel sounds will work the little muscles that are located around your mouth. It is important to remember that the objective of this exercise is to open your mouth as widely as possible while making the “O” and “E” sounds.

Make sure to enunciate the sounds clearly and keep your muscles engaged. You should make an effort not to touch or reveal your teeth, and you should make sure to finish 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

  • Make an “O” sound, then an “E” sound with your mouth wide open.
  • When you are exercising the muscles in your mouth by making these sounds and movements, you should be sure to go beyond your normal limits.

Chinups (Chin Lips)

Chin lifts are a great exercise to help elevate the muscles in the face and chin. Because of the direction and tension that it places on a variety of facial muscles, this exercise is excellent for enhancing the shape of the jaw.

There are two distinct approaches to carrying out this activity. Choose the exercise that works best for you, and keep in mind that 10-15 repetitions over three sets should be plenty.

  • Put your head in an inclined position and fix your gaze on a specific area of the ceiling.
  • Extend your lips as though you were going to try to kiss something that is right in front of you.
  • Maintain the stance for five seconds for each repetition, then relax and give your lips a few seconds to recover fully before beginning the next set.


  • While keeping your lips closed, move your lower jaw forward and your lower lip upward until you feel a stretch beneath your chin and along your jawline.
  • Ten to fifteen seconds of holding the position, then release it and let yourself rest for ten seconds before starting over.

Easy Ways To Achieve a Chisel-Shaped Face

Here are some easy steps for you to achieve a chisel-shaped face from just engaging in these simple day-to-day activities.

Smile More Often

Why Do Bodybuilders Have Chisel-Shaped Faces

One of the many advantages of smiling is that it helps you tone the muscles in your face, which is a benefit in and of itself.

Smiling not only causes your cheekbones to protrude, which stimulates the muscles in your face, but it also strengthens your cheekbones. Try smiling more often because it is quite effective in lifting one’s mood.


You can achieve the look you have always wanted with relatively little effort by using a technique called contouring. There are several techniques for contouring that serve to shape not just the bone structure of the face but also the nose, lips, cheeks, and brows.

Massage Your Face

Why Do Bodybuilders Have Chisel-Shaped Faces

The increase in blood circulation that results from massage is one of the most important factors in maintaining a youthful and chisel-shaped appearance on the face. Therefore, set aside some time to gently massage your face by moving your fingers in a circular motion across it.

Before you go to sleep and when you wake up, give your face a little facial massage with a light moisturizer or essential oil.

To feel more awake and alert, massage your chin, jaw, temples, and cheeks for a couple of seconds. Your skin will grow tauter as a result of this.