Is Gymming A Hobby? (Explained)

Is gymming a hobby

Is Gymming a hobby? Yes, Gymming can be a hobby – if you choose to.

The act of engaging in a pursuit that one takes pleasure in during one’s own time off is, by definition, a hobby, right?

You have a very good probability of being able to count going to the gym as one of your hobbies, and there’s an even stronger possibility that you actually do consider it to be your hobby if you go to the gym on a fairly regular basis.

The term “gymming” generally refers to a person who enjoys visiting to the gym to the extent that they have made it a pastime for themselves. Because “gymming” refers to an activity that can be performed by anybody who follows a routine, the subject need not be a bodybuilder or a professional weightlifter.

As a result, we’re going to investigate going to the gym as a hobby in this article. Our goal is to determine whether or not this is something that can truly be considered a hobby, or whether or not it’s something that you wouldn’t necessarily list on a CV under the interests section.

Is Gymming a hobby?

Absolutely, one might classify “gymming” as a hobby. A hobby is defined as something that is done in one’s leisure time for the purpose of personal enjoyment; hence, if you go to the gym because you enjoy it, it COULD BE considered a hobby.

One piece of advice is to give some thought to the possibility of being more precise in response to questions, such as “what do you enjoy doing AT the gym?” It sounds like you might be more interested in activities such as weightlifting, running, cycling, or triathons, all of which are more specialized forms of exercise that can be performed IN a gym.

If you are someone who enjoys striving to beat your personal record (PR) in the squat or adding a few more pull-ups to each set, then you are definitely in the hobby category.

If, on the other hand, going to the gym feels more like a chore than anything else and you can’t bring yourself to look forward to it, you might want to call it something different.

Is weightlifting a hobby?

Certainly, if lifting weights is something you take pleasure in doing it may be considered a hobby. Providing some context might be of great assistance in this instance; for the typical person, for instance, weightlifting is synonymous with bodybuilding, whereas for others, it may be linked with Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk etc.)

If you are going to talk about weightlifting as a hobby, it is important that you clarify exactly what you mean by saying that.

When you do this, it is an excellent approach to start a discussion off on the right foot since you are talking about something that you are interested in and knowledgeable about, which should put you at ease in the circumstance that you find yourself in.

Is fitness a LIFESTYLE, or a hobby?

A lifestyle is how we spend our lives all the time, whereas a hobby is something that we do in our spare time when we have the opportunity.

If you are a professional athlete whose entire life is centered around your sport (food, sleep, training, transport, days on and off work), then fitness is a “lifestyle” for you.

Because we allow ourselves the occasional takeaway or off day, have professional commitments that are not related to fitness, and are generally a bit more flexible with it, maintaining our health and fitness is probably more of a hobby for most of us, despite the fact that we like it very much.

Your passion for the activities you engage in is what connects a fitness hobby with a fitness lifestyle; therefore, you shouldn’t let the distinction between the two get in the way of your enjoyment of them.!

Can I add Gymming as a hobby in my resume?

On their resumes or CVs, many people include information about their hobbies. It can make you stand out from the crowd and add some of your individuality to a document that is usually quite professional.

Although there are no hard and fast guidelines for how to show your hobbies on a CV, the information that is provided here should serve as an excellent starting point for you. It is important to be able to communicate passionately about your pastime because it is possible that it will come up in an interview.

If you list going to the gym as one of your hobbies on your CV, the description you give of it can be difficult to understand or overly wordy. Here’s a handy hint: Here’s a quick tip; to present your hobby-“gymming” in a most formal way, you can use words like;

  • Ardent fitness enthusiast
  • Football and going to the gym
  • Health & fitness

What about in an interview?

From personal experience, I can tell you that the more explicit the assertion is on your CV, the greater the likelihood that you will be questioned about it.

If you write anything on your resume regarding your hobbies, you should be prepared for the panel to engage in a brief conversation with you about it. Because it is so effective at breaking the ice, it may take you by surprise right at the beginning of the process.

In most cases, people will ask you questions that are light-hearted and will center on topics such as how long you’ve been doing it, what inspired you to begin doing it, how you fit it into your schedule, and other inquiries along these lines.

Prepare a few answers in advance, just in case someone asks you a question about it. I like to keep my answer fairly general and say when I first became interested in the hobby and then jump to where I am with it now.

It is quite unlikely that the competitive powerlifter standing opposite you will ask what your total was, so try not to worry too much about the specifics.

Is Gymming a Word?

This one depends on how you judge whether something’s a word or not, because the term “gymming” isn’t in any Webster or Oxford dictionary as of yet. However, it can be found on Urban Dictionary or thrown around as a slang term among gym-goers.

Essentially, “gymming” refers to someone who’s passionate about going to the gym and has created a hobby out of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a muscle-builder or professional weightlifter, because “gymming” is for anyone with a routine.

In context, you might go “gymming” and grab a smoothie after. Still, if you adhere solely to the dictionary definitions, “gymming” isn’t a word. Keep in mind, though, that since going to the gym can be a hobby it probably has a sub-group of people with their own slang terminologies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re something of an avid gym-goer, there’s a very strong chance that you can not only class going to the gym as a hobby but that it genuinely is your hobby!

If you spend any time browsing through this site you’ll see we cover a range of topics just on the gym alone. Reading, watching, researching, and most commonly training is an everyday occurrence for us and when you dedicate so much time to the gym, it’s difficult for anyone to argue against it being classed as a hobby.