Big Back, Small Chest? Try These Solutions

big back small chest

Big back, small chest

Do you have big back small chest? If so, don’t worry about it. Many people don’t know really know the importance of having a big chest.

Some bodybuilders and general lifters struggle to figure out how to get a big chest. Some don’t have proper symmetry, while others are dealing with man boobs even though they work. I am here to change it. With these tips, you’ll have big chest in about 6 months Note: it doesn’t happen overnight.

But, there’s a good reason why Monday is known as International Chest Day, when you see most people working out like crazy and trying to build their pecs. Well, because bigger pecs are indicators of strength and athleticism and having a strong pec goes a long way in improving your posture. To do this you need good chest exercises to properly rejuvenate your chest muscles.

The chest is one of the most recognizable muscle groups no matter what you wear it’s very noticeable and one of the first things people will notice when you walk through the door.

Studies have also shown that women are psychologically attracted to men with chest size and if you have a big chest, you will give off a vibe that makes you strong, healthy and confident.

The pecs, along with your shoulders, are also intrinsic to the throwing and swinging action.

Big Back, Small Chest Remedies

  • Train your chest from different angles

Most lifters will be satisfied with just doing a few exercises like the bench press and calling it a day. There is no doubt that the bench press is a great workout to build a big chest.

However, relying only on the bench press will sufficiently train the chest from different angles that you will miss out on some of the quality benefits.

Also incorporating many other exercises and using different angles, such as incline, declines for your chest will help to maximize your pec development.

  • Isolate the chest

Like any other part of the body, you may find that some areas grow better and faster than others. Isolation exercises will help some stubborn muscles grow faster and also correct any muscle imbalances.

  • Use Proper Form

The most common problem is that people fail to develop the type of chest they want by not using the right process. This will not only hinder your progress but will also injure you which will hinder growth over time. Proper form is critical to success in lifting weights, not only in training the chest but in other muscle groups as well.

  • Eat right

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Fitness is much more diet than exercise! If you want to grow and build a big chest you need to eat right. Here are the things you should be eating:

  • Vegetables (lots of them)
  • Fruit
  • whole grains
  • lean meats
  • nuts and seeds
  • Quality fish

Stay away from high-glycemic foods as much as possible, although white rice is acceptable as a pre-workout food. It can help boost your workout and aid in muscle recovery after a workout.

Also eat high-protein foods to help fuel your workout and keep yourself satisfied. In fact, studies show that eating protein before bed can speed recovery after exercise.

  • Get enough sleep

People are busy, and sometimes that means poor sleep. If you want to get serious results in the gym, you need to make sleep a priority.

When you deprive your body of sleep, important hormones needed to rebuild muscle are depleted. It can also create an inflammatory response, which can inhibit muscle recovery.

Some studies agree that athletes should get 10 hours or more of sleep each night. For professional athletes (including bodybuilders), sleep is even more important for the average person growth.

  • Recovery day

If you’re working out properly, you’re pushing your muscles to the brink. That means, your muscle fibers are breaking down and they need enough time to recover before working again.

Think recovery days are for the weak? think again. Recovery days are really where your muscles build their mass, not just when you’re in the gym. Trust us, take time to rest before your next chest day. If you really have to go to the gym, work your lower body in between chest days.

  • Proper form is important

Without proper form, you will not only gain no advantage, but you are almost guaranteed to injure yourself.

You never want to be that guy at the gym who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Confidence and proper knowledge will get you far, so make sure you practice your form if necessary.

  • Increase your training frequency

Consider training away from failure but working your chest with 2-3 sets 3 times a week. That way, you’ll keep the volume under control while realizing some of the potential benefits of high-frequency training.

  • Improve your mind muscle connections

The mind-muscle connection is a conscious, intentional and assertive muscle contraction. It requires you to focus on the tension that is specifically working on a muscle or muscle group during a movement pattern, and it makes all the difference between passively and actively moving weights. And that’s really important because you’ll reap better benefits in the long run by using the mind-muscle connection to target the inner focus.

  • Experiment with representative ranges

You can study as much science as you want, but in many cases, you’ll still be as confused as ever in terms of practical application. For every study showing high reps are bad for muscle growth, you’ll find another saying that they are optimal.

The best experiment you can do is on yourself. Try high reps and low reps and see what you enjoy the most.

In fact, you’ll probably get the same results no matter what rep range you work in, so you might as well enjoy the journey of building proportional arms by getting some pleasure out of your training.

  • Go to failure

Try using the failure set method with the last set of each exercise. If you really want to upgrade your set, try Drop Set. After losing an amount of weight, reduce the weight and continue until you burn off.

Is Big Back But Small Chest Bad?

Well, it’s definitely normal. And while I’m not the biggest proponent of typical bodybuilding chest exercises, I do believe in having a proportional body.

So yes, if your back is big but your chest is small, I think you should try to change the disparity. After all, you’ll never look worse by improving your chest.

If you want to take your training to the next level, start training the right way for best results.

Final Thoughts on Big Back, Small Chest

First and foremost, if your back is big and your chest is small, you should make sure your technique is solid. Train your chest and make them a priority in your training or else you’ll be doomed to look goofy for the rest of your weightlifting career.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that people who enjoy their training get the best results.