Is Calisthenics Harder Than Bodybuilding? (Everything You Need To Know)

This is one of the controversial questions you hear athletes argue all the time. Calisthenics and bodybuilding are similar in so many ways but there’s a slight difference.

And to answer your question of “Is Calisthenics harder than bodybuilding,” knowledge of that difference is needed so you can further understand the concept and the reasons why.

So, in this article, we’ll examine all you need to know about both calisthenics and bodybuilding and which is harder. So that by the end of this article, you’ll know not only which is harder, but also choose your training technique. Enjoy!

What’s Calisthenics Anyways?

In simple terms, Calisthenics is a type of strength training that consists of a range of different movement patterns that work out wide muscle groups (gross motor movements).

These movements include standing, grasping, pushing, and other similar actions. These exercises are frequently carried out in a rhythmic fashion and require no or very little equipment.

What’s Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is simply working out your muscles routinely to grow them. Weight lifting, consuming more calories than usual, and getting adequate rest are the three essential components of the bodybuilding process, which entails the development of new muscle fibers.

What’s The Difference Between Calisthenics and Bodybuilding?

One of the most distinguishing features that differentiate bodybuilding from calisthenics is the type of resistance involved.

The activities that make up a calisthenics workout require very little to none of the typical exercise equipment. Because these workouts are done using only one’s body weight, no special gym equipment is required to complete them.

On the other hand, the use of external resistance is essential to bodybuilding (also known as weight training). As a result, you will need access to a gym or exercise equipment to complete the routines.

Although these differences are not many and are considered as though they’re not pronounced, they make all the difference in the long run. Consider looking at a calisthenics athlete and a bodybuilder and you’ll see just how much a little difference can cause.

Is Calisthenics Harder Than Bodybuilding?

Now, with the knowledge above, we can answer this question and the answer is affirmative. Calisthenics is harder than bodybuilding because of the following reasons:

– It offers a higher resistance (internal resistance). Unlike bodybuilding, calisthenics depends generally on your body weight so it puts your muscles under a higher strain than bodybuilding. This is the same reason why you’re advised to stick more to calisthenics than bodybuilding if your goal is to burn calories or reduce body weight.

– Calisthenics is pretty much harder also because of the motions and the number of muscles it targets simultaneously. Unlike bodybuilding which targets specific muscles primarily, calisthenics puts tons of stress on a large group of muscles simultaneously working them hence, helps you build endurance faster.

– Calisthenics is harder than bodybuilding because an athlete who performs in calisthenics has a greater ratio of strength to bulk than a bodybuilder does.

Does Calisthenics Build Muscle Or Strength?

Calisthenics primarily focuses on enhancing our strength while also toning our muscles to a certain level. However, calisthenics do not build muscle as much as weight lifting does.

The reason for this is that bodybuilders employ a variety of weights in addition to a wide range of gym machines to isolate and train their muscles. In the end, that will result in working out all of those different muscle groups.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all of the muscles in the body require the same level of training. Because the muscles in our body may be divided into three groups: those that serve as the “primary movers,” those that act as stabilizers and fixators, and those that serve as synergists or supporting muscles for a particular movement.

Is Calisthenics More Effective Than Bodybuilding?

Calisthenics is more effective than bodybuilding when it comes to developing general fitness and body control. Both activities have their own set of advantages.

The reason for this is that the exercises in calisthenics use your body weight as the resistance, which results in training that is more comprehensive and involves fluidity, agility, strength, and skill.

If you do not mix traditional weightlifting with other forms of exercise, you run the risk of becoming immobile and experiencing significant joint pain. In the case that it is not performed correctly, it can also lead to overtraining and injuries.

However, this doesn’t mean that bodybuilding is less effective. Given the criteria mentioned above, calisthenics excels over it.

Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding, Which One is Best For You?

Whichever you want depends primarily on what you want; that is, your body goals. The advantages of calisthenics are such that they last for a long time and are quite more pleasing to the eyes.

Because of the high number of calories that it burns, calisthenics makes it very simple to keep a shredded appearance throughout the year. However, if you want to build your muscles, stamina and endurance, bodybuilding is your best option.

But, if you want to have a well-balanced physique, my recommendation is that you combine the most beneficial aspects of the two different training approaches and design the ideal exercise regimen to suit your lifestyle. That is the path that I am on as well.

At the end of the day, the dispute between bodybuilding and calisthenics is not as important as simply having a good physique.

If you are a bodybuilder and want to create the body shape of your dreams, you should incorporate bodyweight training into your routine along with weight training. On the other hand, If you are a calisthenics athlete, you can add weight training to your calisthenics workout.

Calisthenics may be done almost anywhere, and it doesn’t take long to pick up the fundamental movements. After receiving initial coaching, you can even progress alone and unassisted.

As you get more adept with the fundamental calisthenics movement, incorporate a few weights into your workout routine. This way, you’ll achieve a good physique.