Getting 100% of a balanced diet can be a big challenge at times, which is why you need the best supplement for bodybuilding when you want to maximize gains. Supplements are natural substances that have been scientifically proven to help build muscle, lose fat and stay healthy when used properly.

Before we go over to the types of supplements and what their benefits, let’s have a brief history class on how bodybuilding supplements came about.

History of Bodybuilding Supplements

The history of bodybuilding supplement begins with a culture dedicated to achieving maximum performance in the human body and this goes back before supplements as we know them today. We need to go back a hundred years to a man named Eugen Sandow.

Eugen Sandow is named the first modern builder; he was an advocate for the importance of diet and the use of certain substances to help build his muscles faster. His friend, Earle Liederman, recommended the use of “beef juice” or “extracted from beef” as a way to help muscles recover faster from strenuous work or exercise. These may be the first bodybuilding supplements in modern times.

In the late 1930’s, one man began making additions when he processed whey from milk for human consumption. This was almost 50 years before bodybuilding supplements came to market as we know them now. He also tried different sources of vitamins and minerals in powder form.

In the 1950s, Irvin Johnson, made the first powder consisting of milk and eggs. Somehow Johnson understood that milk and eggs were two excellent proteins, probably because they served as the primary food for many animals and thus were associated with growth.

Johnson refined his formulation over the years and eventually moved to California, changing his name to Rheo Blair. His milk and egg proteins was a bodybuilding sensation.

Blair also brought another suggestion for those people who find it difficult to put on weight and muscle mass was to mix his protein powder with some heavy cream. Some of Blair’s supporters were prominent bodybuilders of the time, including Olympia the first, Larry Scott, who won the title in 1965.

At the same time that Blair was selling his protein, Bob Hoffman and Joe Weider decided to jump together with a bandwagon and made their own powder powders but the theses were made with inexpensive ingredients such as soy beans, wheat germ, kelp, dextrose and various plant extracts. None of them contained high-quality protein.

In the 1980s bodybuilding began to become a huge business and greed began to show, many useless products were sold to unsuspecting bodybuilders who believed the false claims made in ads, many supplement companies became rich through sales.

Then the next big thing change in sports diet was an engineered food, pioneered by Scott Connelly, MD, a paramedic in Northern California who collaborated with a young businessman named Bill Phillips of Golden, Colorado.

They sell a well-known product, a protein-based milk supplement that has enough nutritional value to replenish food. Phillips’ clever marketing led to an increase in popularity, followed by the marketing of similar products that continues to this day.

The sports supplement industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, and there are many products entering the market. M any supplement companies now claim they have the best supplement for bodybuilding while some having research to support the many claims made to them, others are supported beyond the authorization of a well-known athlete.

Now we know how supplement came about and the evolution, let’s go over to the benefits.

When it comes to bodybuilding, there are many benefits of supplements that can be enjoyed, depending on how you use them.

Benefits of supplements

  • Bodybuilding supplements help to speed up muscle recovery after exercise.
  • It is used for muscle growth.
  • It is convenient to use and easy to include in one’s diet.
  • Lower your body fat so as to create better muscle definition
  • It helps increase muscle strength, endurance, and performance in athletes.
  • Boosts insulin sensitivity.
  • Is rapidly digested and absorbed.

So what are the best bodybuilding supplements?

best supplement for bodybuilding

There are many bodybuilding supplement companies that sell ineffective supplement, the best is to avoid those companies and buy supplements that actually work. The best bodybuilding supplement is;

  • Protein powder
  • Creatine
  • Omega 3-fish oil
  • L- glutamine
  • Bcaas


It is a widely used supplement and one of the best bodybuilding supplements that has been effective over the years to increase muscle mass, strength and size. It is a natural substance found in muscle cells, aids in energy production during heavy lifting or high – intensity exercise, and works by increasing the muscle cells making them larger.

Benefits of creatine

  • It can help improve strength and endurance.
  • Improves muscle recovery.
  • Provides strength during resistance training (lifting weights).
  • Improves performance during physical activity.

How does creatine works

Creatine is absorbed into the body by creatine phosphate, a substance called adenosine triphosphate that helps produce muscle strength.

Protein powder

best supplement for bodybuilding

This is is one of the best supplement for bodybuilding. Due to high-intensity training, bodybuilders aim to take in more protein than the standard requirement. It is can easily fit into one’s diet, and easy to prepare.

To achieve this, protein powders are needed to obtain the required amount of protein needed for muscle growth.  There are a lot of protein powders that are sold by many supplement companies that work while some are just jargons. So to name a few of them are good; Whey protein and Casein protein.

Omega 3-fish oil

Fish oil is oil found in the tissues of oily fish. Consumption of fish oil can be obtained from the fish itself or from a fish oil supplement. Fish oil contains omega 3-fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are known to reduce heart inflammation.

Now, how important is this to bodybuilders? There are many benefits when it comes to supplementing with fish oil.

Benefits of omega – 3 fish oil

  • Omega -3 fish oil helps to produce the most important growth hormone when it comes to building muscle and this does so by producing prostaglandin ei.
  • It also helps with fat loss; getting bigger, leaner and defined muscles requires a low fat percentage and the use of omega 3 fish oil is essential in achieving this.
  • It also helps to increase insulin sensitivity which leads to lower fat retention, insulin resistance makes it harder to lose body fat.

L – glutamine

L-glutamine is a very effective supplement that should be in a bodybuilder’s regime. Its an amino acid that is naturally found in the body, this glutamine plays an important role in protein synthesis and muscle retention and reduces breakdown of muscle tissue.

Benefits of glutamine

  • It helps in recovery from high performance workout.
  • Supplementing with glutamine helps to fill glutamine levels down during an intenseexercise.
  • Improves protein synthesis to aid in muscle repair.
  • It is important for intestinal function
  • Boost the immune system as well.

How do you take glutamine

The daily diet of glutamine supplementation is at least 5g per day, which will be taken before or during exercise.

Side effect

No side effects are common, however, if taken in large doses can cause joint and head pain.


What is Bcaa’s

Bcca is a branch amino acid made up of three amino acids; leucine, isoleucine and valine, bcaas are important for the body and help you get the most out of your daily exercise routine, but your body does not do it alone, you should get it from food and other supplements such as amino acids.

Benefits of bcaa’s

  • Increase protein synthesis; one major function of bcaas that promotes protein synthesis leading to more muscle gains.
  • Increase performance in workouts; it induces glucose into the  muscle cells which helps to maintain glycogen stores and prevents protein degradation, which means the body has enough energy for better exercise.

How to take bcaas

Bcaas can be taken before, during or after exercise and can be mixed with a pre-workout shake. And it can be taken with a healthy and balanced diet to get the most out of them.


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Supplement For Bodybuilding

What is the best advice to give someone who is just starting to take exercise supplements?

Always start with the basics – the best place to start is protein powder. By starting slowly and adding one supplement at a time, you can easily see what supplements help you, and the results they have.

What is the best type of protein drink for beginners?

Whey protein powder tops the list. It is very easy to digest and provides a concentrated amount of branched-chain amino acids, which increase protein synthesis for growth. Whey protein is very beneficial, it is easy to absorb, allowing amino acids to quickly reach the muscles and begin the process of growth and recovery.

Will Taking Whey Protein Powder Help Me build Muscle?

Whey protein contains all the necessary amino acids and is a good source of fast-acting protein for muscle building and growth. It is highly soluble in liquids at various pH levels. The first process of making whey protein is by extracting the whey from the milk. After the extraction and separation process, it is then filtered to extract carbohydrates and fats. The remaining product is whey protein powder which adds to the favorite of healthy foods among fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders.

This process reduces the amount of fat and carbs and increases the protein content. Whey protein powder is a highly recommended supplement for anyone interested in losing body fat, building muscle and improving overall health and wellness.

Can I eat and take my exercise supplements at the same time?

The best answer to this question depends on what you take. Check out the label for advice.

Is it better to focus more on eating a balanced diet than taking supplements?

best supplement for bodybuilding

Weight training goes a long way in helping you to grow but there is no lifting magic that will help you get great muscle mass results if your nutrition is not 100%. You just need to eat more, to be bigger even though they both have their pros and cons,

So let’s dig in and explore the options.

Eating a nutritious diet all provide the benefits you do not get from drinking a weight gain supplement. For a health professional who has time to cook a variety of foods and prepare customized foods, the best option is to stick to a complete diet that is your main source of nutrients.

When you eat real food, your body gets a 100% natural source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential for muscle recovery and growth. Your body is able to digest real food properly and digestion is essential to finding the right nutrients to support growth.

Buying real food can actually be less expensive compared to other expensive weight loss supplements that are highly recommended in bodybuilding magazines and vitamin stores. The cost factor is important if you are on a high calorie diet and need a steady flow of nutrients throughout the day

Many weight loss supplements on the market will help you gain weight faster because they are loaded with cheap sugar and fat. However, you need to make sure that the weight you are gaining is actually lean muscle mass and not useless body fat.

Your main concern is packing with a lot of quality muscle.

But if you have a very fast metabolism, weight gainer may be your choice. The biggest advantage about weight loss supplements is that they provide a much easier way to replenish your muscles with more calories and less effort.

You can choose to take a weight gain that provides 5,000 calories per serving or you can eat more foods to meet this calorie count. If you do not have time to cook and prepare several daily meals, then a weight quality supplement can be your best bet.

How should I take my Protein Powder?

Protein powders come in many different forms. It can be taken before and after an exercise, whey protein powder can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals very quickly.

It is recommended that you eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. What does it mean to you? Suppose you weigh 150 pounds [180 kg]. This could mean that your daily protein intake will be at least 180 grams. Divide this total number between 5-6 meals a day and you will come out with around 30-40g of protein per meal.

What exercise supplements do I start with?

It can be very confusing when you make your first supplement purchase. Do not be fooled by false advertising and fake marketers who have commissions in many local stores. For beginners, it is recommended that you start with protein powder and work your way up to creatine, pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements.

Should I Drink Protein Shake After an abdominal Exercise?

Yes, you need to consume protein even after ab exercise because abs are muscles and you also need to give them the right nutrients so that they can recover properly. One of the most important things protein does is provide muscle and recovery after exercise.

Is It Better To Drink Protein Shakes or Milk to Build Muscles?

best supplement for bodybuilding

Drinking milk is not the same as drinking quality whey protein and the biggest difference is in the amount of protein per meal and the type of protein you use.

The reason why many people take protein shakes is because consuming large quantities of protein helps to recover from intense workouts and supports muscle growth. Depending on your overall weight, you may need up to 250 grams of protein per day. This means that if you were to try to get this protein by drinking milk alone it would mean that you would need to drink about six liters of milk every day!

But, if you are using a protein supplement you would only need 10 scoops to equal the same amount of muscle building protein.

Are exercise supplements only for bodybuilders?

best supplement for bodybuilding

Although bodybuilders and power lifters aim to build and maintain muscle mass, many others can also benefit from exercise supplements. For example, endurance athletes need more protein because their energy needs are so high. They can also benefit from a lactic acid-suppressing supplement such as beta alanine.

Do I Need To Drink More Protein Shakes To Get Bigger?

One of the biggest problems is that some people think that whey protein shakes are a magic powder that builds muscle quickly. This is a problem not only in the minds of beginners, but also in the minds of people who have been in weight training for years as well.

The most important tool you need and you can’t progress without is your diet. If you do not give your body the calories and macronutrients it needs to repair and grow, you will only see small results even if you train like a beast.

While a complete diet is the main source of nutrients you should focus on, protein supplements still have their benefits and they can be very helpful in some situations. They can help you accelerate your muscle gain by providing a quick and easy way to get your complete protein requirement each day. Sometimes it is very difficult to cook a nutritious meal and time is always limited by a busy schedule.

This is where mixing a large amount of whey protein powder in a blender with some fresh fruit can give a protein full of shake you can do in just a second!

To answer your first question, drinking 2 protein shakes a day will not make you as big as you think. Weight gain is closely related to your total calorie intake, intensity of exercise and recovery.


Supplements are called supplements because they supplement the diet, you might not have the appetite to eat well enough to meet your caloric requirements and that’s where supplements comes in handy.

Bodybuilding supplements are only there to supplement your already great diet. Therefore, eating a healthy balance is very important and cannot be overemphasized.

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