The Secret to six pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH)

Every fitness guru wants to know the secret of how to get a six packs Abs. Everyone wants Abs, even women want it on their man. Kids think you are a hero with it. One million articles have been written about this but only 1% of the 20,000 -25,000 people with visible abs.

how to get abs

Think of the last time you went to a muscle festival in the summer when almost everyone was walking around shirtless. How many people do you see walking around with shredded Six Packs abs? I don’t mean a flat tummy; I mean the legit six Pack Abs? Maybe one or two.

That leaves us with an obvious question: why do so many people not have six Pack Abs?

how to get abs

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The answer is surprisingly simple “Knowledge”. Many of us do not have the right knowledge even in today’s world of excessive concern for social media. Magazines, books, television, Facebook, Instagram, and even endless text messaging.

Everyone preaches something different, confusing and frustrating. One thing you should know is that there are no shortcuts for having a six Pack Abs.

The secret to six packs

Here’s one thing most people, including many coaches, overlook, DIET. One of the most important tools you need to get a six pack Abs Is diet. There is always the saying, “You are what you eat”. In fact, diet accounts for about 90% of your results (find out everything you need to know about food here). The secret of the six-pack abs is not confined to a supplement pill or found in an abs Workout or gadget. Instead of falling for empty promises, spend your time focusing on the more important things. Things like nutritional principles that are consistent with standard exercise routine.

Six pack abs are made in the kitchen

I cannot overemphasize the importance of nutrition. That is, once you have figured out what you need to do to get Abs. You need to have a healthy eating plan. No one wants to look like a thin person with Abs. I’m sure you want to look muscular and look good with Abs, so a healthy diet plan is needed.

how to get abs

Even drug addicts do have abs, so it not about lowering your body fat to a low percentage but also supporting your muscle growth as well.

Therefore, what is the percentage of body fat, a person must be to have shredded Abs. For men it should be between 10-12% and for women 15-17% is right.

4 Principles of healthy eating that you should follow

     1. Choose the right diet

A proper diet should include protein sources such as fish, poultry, legumes, nuts, eggs, and low-fat dairy products. Protein will help you build lean muscle.

     2. Eat healthy Carbs

Carbohydrates are not bad, many people believe that carbohydrates will make you fat but concentrating on whole natural grains like brown rice, potatoes and oatmeal are very helpful in your quest for six pack abs. Carbs are the easiest form of food for the body to convert to energy so it is best to eat them after exercise. when you eat Carbs post-work Out, they have a very low chance of turning body fat.

   3. Emphasize fiber-rich fruits and vegetables

Organize whole fruits and vegetables without added sugar, fruits and vegetables can also add fiber which helps you feel full of fewer calories.

  4. Water

Water is beneficial for your overall health, Helps maintain high energy levels, regulates body temperature, and assists with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Drinking water can also be helpful when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that drinking a lot of water can lead to weight loss and not because their metabolism is higher, it is because the water makes them full and they don’t feel hungry because their stomach is filled which makes it easier to keep a strict diet.

In addition, replacing Soda, sweet tea and other high-calorie beverages will help keep your calories low.

Anatomy on how to get abs

Before we can better understand how to train Abs, we need to get better under the onset of abs anatomy.

There are 3 layers of abdominal wall

  • External oblique
  • Internal oblique
  • Transverse abdominal

External oblique

The external oblique works to flex the spine like in a crunch and helps with the back muscles such as rotation and flexibility.

Internal oblique

This helps mainly in the rotation of the trunk and flexing laterally

Transverse abdomen

This compresses the abdomen which in aids in core stability which is why it is so active in many different exercises and can be trained effectively by doing vacuums.

And finally, the main muscles we will focus on are the six pack muscles themselves, often referred to as the rectus abdominis which flexes the lumbar spine like in a crunch and contributes to the rotation of the trunk.

There is a team of trainers who suggest that to build your Abs you only need to focus on compound movements like squats and deadlifts, that is 100% true because squats and deadlifts do not activate the abs properly which should be obvious because based on the biomechanics alone the lumbar spine should not be Flexing or rotating when squatting or deadlifting. However, do not neglect compound movements because they still assist in getting a strong core but if your goal is to grow the Abs, you should be focusing more on abs isolation exercises.

How Often Should You Work your abs?

What is the frequency?

In the past, the myth was that, “endurance” muscles, the abs had to be trained daily. It is now very common to meet claims that you only need a basic ab exercise a week – but the truth lies in between.

While you may be a person who likes to make fun of a few sit-ups in your schedule as an ab complement, the additions may not help much. Unlike most muscle groups, your abs develop easily and gets used to it. Unless you add great resistance to your ab performance, you should be ready to complete ab daily tests, and it would be wise to do so.

The abs have high endurance, it can withstand to be trained frequently especially with higher reps. A strong spine is a requirement for a strong body, good posture, reduced risk of injury and good balance and stability so training your abs at the beginning of every workout or at least every second day is definitely not much.”

Incorporating regular exercise at all times of exercise may sound overwhelming but a continuous and dedicated approach to training your abs will help you over time.

Exercises on how to get abs

  • Ab wheel rollout

The ab wheel rollout one tool that has been around for a long time now and it is very effective in developing abdominal strength and definition.

how to get abs

How to do the ab wheel rollout

  • Kneel down and hold the wheel under your shoulders.
  • Tighten your abs and roll the wheel forward until you feel that you are about to lose tension in your core.
  • Roll yourself back to start.


  • Crunches

Adding variety to your workout is great, it helps target to different muscle fibers. Basically, the function of the rectus abdominis is to flex the spine which is a good way to stimulate the rectus abdominis and crunches stimulates the rectus abdominis very well. So, crunch variations should be used in your abs exercise routine.

how to get abs

How to do crunches

  • Lie on your back with your hands behind your head or on your chest. Some people find that keeping the arms over the chest helps them to avoid pulling on the neck. However, if you find that your neck is strained, you can keep one hand carrying the head. While you place the other hand behind your head, your fingers should gently lift your head. The idea is to support your neck without taking the work from your abs.
  • Pull your belly button toward your spine to prepare for movement.
  • Slowly contract your abdomen, bringing your shoulders 1 or 2 inches from the floor.
  • Exhale as you ascend and keep your neck straight.
  • Pause at the top of the movement for a few seconds, and breathe.
  • Then slowly lower back down but not all the way down.



The plank is one of the best exercises you can do for the core that helps support proper posture and balance. Plank is easy only if you do it wrong or don’t know how to make it more challenging. Focus on keeping your spine straight, squeezing your core and glutes to activate the muscles.

how to get abs

How to do the planks

  • Place your hands directly your shoulders in a medium shoulder width.
  • The toes on the ground go down and squeeze the glutes to stabilize your body. Your legs should be working, too – be careful not to lock your knees.
  • Your head should be aligned with your back.
  • Hold the position for 20 seconds


Hanging Leg raises

The hanging leg works the midsection muscles, you only need a pull bar and it is a great way to target lower abdominal muscles and improve core strength. When done properly, it works to improve the rectus abdominis and anterior oblique, as well as strengthen your lower back. It also helps to burn belly fat without straining your lower back and spine.

how to get abs

How to do the hanging leg raise

  • Hanging from a pull-up bar, extending both arms upwards using a middle grip or the wide grip. make sure the legs are straight down, and the pelvis is rolled back slightly. this is your first position.
  • Tighten your midline and raise your legs slightly at 90 ° with the legs. Pause for a few seconds.
  • Then return to the starting position by lowering your legs.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.


Russian Twists

The Russian twist is a simple and effective way to the core. It is a popular activity among athletes because it helps with twisting movements and allows you to change direction quickly.

And it’s perfect for anyone who wants to work their mid-section, strengthen their core which helps with balance, posture and mobility.

How to do Russian twists

  • Sit with your legs raised in front of you, with your knees bent and heels on the floor, with your back 45 degrees down while holding a medicine ball or dumbbell with both hands in front of you.
  • Keep your back straight with a medicine ball near your chest as you twist left and right.


Side Bends

The side bend is an abdominal exercise that stretches the spine and the obliques.

How to do the side bend

  • Tighten your core and bend your waist to the right toward the floor.
  • Pulling from your core, bring your body back to start the position.

4 Training tips on how to get abs

1. Choose the right cardio

Using smart cardio techniques, it is important to at least avoid muscle loss, the best way to do cardio is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), HIIT is a short period of 10.20, 30 minutes of stretching, it sends signals to the body to increase the fat burning process of burning fat.

2. Isolate the muscles properly

This is another common mistake people make.

That is, to go through the motion with their training, but not appropriately targeting the right muscles.

This is much easier to do with crunching movements, where you are using upper body momentum instead of the muscles that you are actually trying to target.

The correction for this is simple: slow down, reduce the amount of weight you use that is if you are using, and focus more on feeling muscle contraction.

3. Build progression

You would think that ab exercise consists of a handful of exercises, each designed for 3 sets of 20 sets.

Think about it: Do you go to the gym and always try to do the same weight of the same number of reps you did before in squats? No – you work to make more reps, more weight, making it more challenging by adding more. And when you reach one goal, you set another. (find out how to build strength here)

That’s how you build your big lifts, and it’s the same way you need to do with abdominal training.

Increasing overload can include three things:

  1. Increase resistance
  2. Do multiple reps with a given resistance
  3. Reduces your rest time between sets.

Strive to improve some of these variables in each activity rather than following a 3-set-of-20 approach and call it an exercise. And every once in a while, change everything you do and switch to a completely different set of movements.

4. Hold the peak contraction

Lifting weight is one thing, but holding it when it takes a challenge to a new level. That is an idea that supports high-level training, which can be done on any part of the body, as you squeeze the muscles at the end of the range of motion.

Not just doing asset of crunches where you just raise yourself back up and down making it challenging hold the top position while lowering yourself slowly in a controlled manner. The latter is much harder.

Sure, you could end up doing a few more reps in the end, but you’ll make the muscles work harder, which is exactly what you want to do.


To see effective results, consistency is one of the key principles You must follow putting in the work, eating a healthy balanced diet with a well standard workout we just discussed, then a set of six pack abs awaits you.

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