8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know - Mykegen Fit

Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Not just only having a great-looking body, there are other tremendous benefits when it comes to lifting weights. Let’s check them out.

1. Lifting weight makes you mentally stronger

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

Pushing yourself in the gym lifting those weights can challenge you in all aspects of your life. You tend to stay strong in the gym without giving up, set and break boundaries. And it makes you alpha and this also applies to your health. Lifting weight makes you mentally strong and increases your ability to achieve your goals in life. This is because lifting weights puts a whole new level of discipline and focus for you to achieve it.

It takes a lot of iron will to go to the gym several times a week. The good thing about the iron will is it can be transferred to your real world. You can use it and overcome almost anything life throws at you, physically or emotionally.

2. It will protect your bones

As you grow older, your bones become weaker, lifting weights can help you to build bone mineral density in Wolff’s Law, which states that bones can grow by responding to forces placed on them. In other words, creating pressure on your joints through exercise can actually help you to build strong healthy bones.

3. Lifting weights improves your posture

benefits of weightlifting


Even if you are narrowed, bent or slouched, that should be a problem coz lifting weights can be used to sculpt any or all of those shortcomings into a better-looking physique.

It gives you a completely different look, makes you look good. You can then get that perfect fit of those sleeves; you no longer feel scared when you look in the mirror and you no longer feel compelled to dim the lights.

4. Lifting weights builds strength

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

Sometimes you feel anxious walking down that lonely road alone, afraid of someone or something coming out of the shadow ” BOOM ” ha, just a mouse. Thinking about it makes you want to run, and then you start lifting weights, you start to get stronger and you start to fear a few things and a few things, you are like your own body-guard now. Lifting may not give you superhuman strength but it is certain as hell transforms you into one (find out how to build strength).

Life gets easier as lifting a sofa to get your keys or helping to carry those heavy boxes becomes an easy thing to do, much like being pumped up on loads of adrenaline all the time.

5. Lifting weights increases your self-esteem

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

It makes you want to be part of the avenger’s team, joking but it will make you feel good about yourself.

Lifting weights gives you more confidence, it boosts your self-esteem, your body is in shape, you tend to become more comfortable in your own skin and project that feeling outward. You are strong and you look good, you are not afraid of anyone. The more you engage in lifting weights, the more confidence you gain and this tends to transfer to other areas of your life too.

6. Lifting weight improves quality of life

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

When it comes to the benefits of lifting weights, it not only strengthens your joints but also gives you a sense of strength and good looks. it can make a person’s life much better, healthier, your whole body becomes more proficient and amazing, it’s amazing, it keeps you at the top of your game knowing that you are in charge of your body.

7. It makes you Healthy


Lifting weights doesn’t just make you look fit and awesome. It makes you Healthy as well; you lose fat and get a healthy profile. There are many other positive things that can add to your life, such as;

  • Healthy Heart: helps to lower blood pressure, pumps blood to the heart increases blood flow and helps lower blood pressure.
  • Protects joints: Not only does it strengthen muscles, but it also strengthens joints, muscles and connective tissue. This helps reduce the risk of injury and also improves athletic performance in sports.
  • It will make you more goal oriented

We all have goals, and likely not all of them are related to lifting weights. While muscle gains can be on your goal list, lifting weights will help you achieve much more than that. After all, your weight training experience is fully prepared for you to walk your life in a goal-oriented way. This happens for a number of reasons.

First of all, your mind and body will be working more effectively well due to your increased fitness. You will feel more comfortable setting goals when you are in the regular routine of lifting weights. After all, every workout you do is a result of setting goals. Every time you attain a muscle size, you hit a longer-term goal. This is something you can do in your exercise life, so it is something you can do in your daily life.

Setting long-term goals for your future, such as buying a home, embarking on your dream job, or learning a new skill, can all be treated with the same attitude as your exercise.

8. You will prevent Injuries

Strengthening the muscles supporting your joints can help prevent injury by helping you maintain good form. Proper training is the solution to joint issues. Strong muscles help to hold your joints in place, so you won’t have to worry about your knee flaring up.

Food, Nutrition, and Supplements

8 Benefits of Lifting Weights You Should Know

To get enjoy the benefits of  lifting weights, proper nutrition and diet are very important in maximizing results from any training program.

What Exercise Should I Do?

It depends on what your goals are, what equipment and resources you have available, your age, strength, weight and dedication.

Weight training is a very broad umbrella term that combines many styles and methods of training. If your main goal is to losing body fat, the details of your weight training program will be very different from someone whose primary focus is building muscle mass. But for you to reap the benefits of lifting weights, you have to choose a focus based on your goals.

There are a variety of goals you can incorporate lifting weights into:

  • Bodybuilding, focusing on body building and muscle definition, especially for competitive purposes.
  • Sports-specific programs use exercises that support and improve, as far as possible, the muscle activity of the sport. An example would be training swimmers with exercises that focuses on the shoulders, arms and back muscles used in swimming. Endurance strength and power programs are usable but they vary in certain sports and need to be built so as not to disrupt the set of skills needed in this sport.
  • Weight loss and fitness include exercises that provide a circular exercise program to increase muscle mass and fat loss. Bodybuilders who just want to look good on the beach are included in the category.
  • Olympic weightlifting is a special weightlifting sports that involves only two exercises such as the clean and jerk, and the snatch. even though there are many gymnastics exercises. Each lift is very professional, requiring a lot of training and practice.
  • Powerlifting competition requires only three lifts, a squat, a bench press and a deadlift. Also, power and skill programs are the foundation of Powerlifting.

Hundreds of exercises are available to target different muscle groups and can get more than just a little confusion in the first middle option. Variety of exercises comes with free weights, body-weight exercises, machines, bands and many more.

These will be influenced by your training goals, including exercise selection, training volume, number of reps per set and duration of rest between sets.

Progressive overload

As you gain strength, lifting the same weights won’t be challenging anymore as you did when you first started. In order to continue to see results, you will need to continue push and load your muscles with more stimulus over time.

This continuous, or progressive overload, is necessary because our muscles continue to adapt. However, you do not always need to increase the amount of weight. You can use other methods include doing more reps at the same weight, increasing training volume by doing more sets of each exercise, and using tempo changes to increase the time your muscles spend under tension.

Rest and recovery

The rest period between your training sessions are exactly where the magic happens!

During exercise, the stress of overload causes minor damage to your muscle fibers and as you sleep, eat well and relax, your body begins to work repairing and strengthening the small tears in your muscle fibers.

This process causes growth and can only happen while you are resting. So, never skip a rest day.

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