The Biography of Body Builder Sergio Oliva A.K.A The Myth

sergio oliva

Coming to America

Bodybuilder Sergio Oliva moved to Chicago Illinois in 1963, where he worked in a local steel mill. He started working at the Iron metal Foundry. He worked for 14 hours before going to the gym for a brutal three-hour session with another form of iron. This makes Sergio Oliva have very little time for anything else.

Body building of Sergio oliva

Already possessing a good muscular base, Sergio Oliva’s physique consequently began to take on another worldly look. Sergio Oliva swapped weight-lifting for body building and teamed up with 1996 AAU Mr. America Bob Gajda. The great Cuba began training in a sport he had loved and could eventually compete in it. A sport that was banned under the Cuban communist government.

Starting with her first major bodybuilding competition, Oliva won her first bodybuilding competition. Mr. Chicago’s contest in 1963. He came 2nd place in the 1964 AAU Mr. America. Although he won the “most muscular” trophy. But after a series of failed attempts to win the Mr. America title, he changed course. He saw that it was a waste of time to pursue a goal.

Sergio left the AAU to join the IFBB in 1996. It was clear that he would never win Mr America with its racist undertones. The feeling was that this organization would not just give a Mr. America title to a black man.

Mr. Olympia

In 1967, he won the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. His status as an excellent bodybuilder was discovered. Oliva’s 1968 victory over Mr. Olympia win was undisputed. In 1969, he won his third consecutive Mr Olympia by beating Arnold Schwarzenegger. A Mr. Europe, Mr. International and  four times Mr. universe winner.

In 1970 Sergio and Arnold again fought for the Mr. Olympia title. . This time Arnold Schwarzenegger came out successfully winning the my Olympia title.

In 1971 Sergio oliva was banned from competing in the IFBB competition because he competed for the rival bodybuilding federation NABBA Mr. universe and this became an issue because Arnold Schwarzenegger has also competed in the same tournament the previous year.

Oliva was allowed to simply to only guest pose in the 1971 Mr. Olympia. After this comeback, Oliva was determined to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger. This was to prove beyond all doubt that he was the greatest bodybuilder in the world.


In 1972 Mr. Olympia, Sergio met and trained with the Arthur Jones. He was an exercise pioneer who built a Nautilus gym machine. Sergio made some of the best gains of his life with the Jones. During his training with Arthur Sergio, he proved that he had largest arms in bodybuilding. 20.5 inches cold, and 22.5 inches pumped, a fact confirmed by Jones. Sergio was in his prime and fully confident that he would win the Olympia trophy again.

Arnold again beat Sergio again into a 2nd place position and was crowned by Mr. Olympia.

After a quick exit from the IFBB in 1972, following Schwarzenegger’s defeat, Sergio severed all ties with Joe Weider. He dis-continued with IFBB and continued to compete with other bodybuilding organizations such as the World Body Building Guide (WBBG). Sergio won WBBG Mr. Galaxy, In 1972 and 1973, WBBG Mr. Olympus In 1995, 1976, and 1978. Oliva also won the WABBA Professional World Champions in 1977 and 1980 and the WABBA Professional world cup in 1980 and 1981.

Sergio Oliva’s victory

After a 12-year hiatus from lFBB, Oliva returned in 1984 to  to try out the famous Mr Olympia. A move that delighted many of his fans but set the man apart. This is because he was not well prepared, he placed eight in the competition earning the title the eight wonder of the world

Sergio Oliva is widely regarded as the world’s most talented bodybuilder. He set a whole new standard for competitive body building; loved by Millions, revered by many and feared by some and was so huge and extremely proportioned that he used to bring chills to his adversaries. This is got the  name  the myth.

Personal life of sergio oliva

Since arriving in Chicago, Sergio has been working very hard. While Some bodybuilders may have enjoyed Sun and Surf in California, Sergio was working 14 hours a day in a dingy metal foundry, also 27 years of his professional life has been spent working for the Chicago police department.

In 1986 a domestic dispute with his ex-wife turned into a nightmare when 45-year-old Sergio was shot. Fatally injured Sergio was still able to drive to Chicago Hospital for treatment where he recovered.

Olivas son is also a competitive bodybuilder just like his father even though his father was not in full support of him becoming a bodybuilder.

Sergio’s acting career

Sergio oliva starred in a Mexican movie known as El poder where he acted as a port worker, he starred alongside mil mascaras a Venezuelan singer and actress.

Sergio oliva also starred in another action movie named los temibles in 1977.

Oliva’s biscuit character in Japanese a anime Baki the Grappler was based on Oliva’s real-life personality.


Sergio Oliva died On November 12, 2012, In Chicago Illinois from apparent Kidney failure. He was 71 when he died, he was the first Mr Olympia to have died.

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