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Ct Fletcher Is a real-life superman who commands his arms to grow by literally shouting at them and they grew. Ct Fletcher’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular online sources of power- lifting and body building Information.


Ct Fletcher is an ex. American power-lifter, actor, bodybuilder, power lifting vlogger, media personality, personal trainer. He holds six world championship titles which Includes world bench Press Championship title, and 3 time world strict curl championship title.

Ct also appears to be Invisible, coming back to life 3 times after dying on the operating table.


Fletcher was born in pine bluff, Arkansas on June 8, 1959 to Walter and Ogle Pea  Fletcher . He had an older brother, Walt. His father was a field worker why his mother was a housewife.

Approximately one year after his birth, he and his family moved to watts, California and Later Compton , California Where he resided during his youth.

Fletcher went to lake wood, California junior high school and spent most of his growing up years there, His father purchased a church while they were living in California and Fletcher along with his mother and brother Walt used to sing in the choir. He grew up under the supervision of extremely strict parents and was often subjected to physical abuse by his father.

According to Ct “ strict is too subtle a word to describe the discipline required in our upbringing. Spanking is too gentle a word to describe the physical abuse my older brother and I had to endure. The extreme discipline and the physical abuse was our way of life, it was all I knew”…..

Although Fletcher says that all his mental strength came from the pain that he regularly faced while growing up. To stay away from home for a long time,  Fletcher at the age of 12, decided to take a job at a gas station. But his father was not in support of this and as a result, he had to go back to spending his time in church.

In 1977 Fletcher joined the U.S Army and was posted in Germany, while serving in the army, he became extremely interested in martial arts. He started to take karate classes and in 1979, he earned a second degree black belt. After the army, he returned home and occupied a couple of different jobs and eventually took the test for the U.S postal service which he was later hired.

In 1980, he began weightlifting and bodybuilding, he became enthralled with weightlifting , he said “I found myself working out at the gym 7 days a week. Weightlifting had become my passion!!! Outside of my family, weightlifting was my life”. At first he was interested in bodybuilding, but then power lifting caught his interest. His goal was to be the biggest, strongest drug-free man.

On his journey in accomplishing his power lifting goals, he ate a lot of fast-food , the unhealthy diet caused him to become a frequent patient in hospitals and he developed hypertension because of the diet. At that time, he did not seem to be affected by the doctor’s warning and he continued regardless in his pursuit of his power lifting goals.


In 2001, he got a call from his doctor concerning his hypertension and how it could be endanger his life.  In 2004, his mother passed away from congestive heart failure. On May 20, 2005, he was admitted to a hospital in long beach, Virginia. From there he was transported to UCL medical Center for an open heart surgery.

Fletcher inherited from his mother’s side of the family a heart condition that has really impacted his life. His mother and all nine of her siblings died from hearth issues. When Fletcher finally recovered from the heart surgery , he adopted a healthy lifestyle, lifting weights and eating clean, even though his power lifting days were behind him, Fletcher continued working out as much as his body allowed him as it was his true passion.


In 2013, Fletcher started a YouTube channel named c.t Fletcher motivation in which he post fitness and motivational videos, inspiring millions to live a healthy lifestyle and become the strongest version of themselves.

In 2015, a documentary was made on Fletcher by Netflix which was named CT Fletcher; my magnificent obsession. In 2016, in signal hill, California, he opened his first gym iron addicts gym. Fletcher also owns an online store which sells his brand wears such as t-shirts, caps and shorts (

As of 2017, Fletcher’s net worth is estimated to an amount of $1.5 million. He also has a supplement line like fat burner, pre-workout, whey protein and bcaa’s.


In 1977, CT Fletcher married his high school sweetheart and they had children of their own but it later ended in early 1990. He later met another  woman while working at the post office and in 1995 they had a child named Samson. In total he and his wife had seven children. Fletcher idols were Mohammed Li and Bruce lee.


Ct ‘s training principle is to train to failure, he does not have a training plan, he trains what he feels like training and going for the maximum number or reps possible. The thing he does believe in is pushing your body so hard that it can improve, he believes the body will adapt and you must keep trying to trick it and change your workouts.


When it comes to training, Fletcher eat for results and not for pleasure, he follows a macro distribution of 50% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 10% fat, and he divides his food into six meals per day, plus 2 protein shakes. Ct does not eat fruit, so he derives his vitamins from a multi-vitamin supplement. Among other  supplements that he likes are creatine and pre-workouts.


Fletcher has admitted to had used steroids in the past for a total of six months but does not use them anymore due to his promise to God and the fact that steroids made him crazy.


3*world bench press champion; lifting 650lbs.

3*strict curl champion which he still holds the records for.

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